The modern workplace using Office 365 ?

Office 365 is Microsoft’s productivity platform in the “cloud”. The platform offers the well-known office applications, enriched with modern services for better collaboration.

Office 365 is fast, powerful and built for the modern and mobile world. An enormous step forward in digitizing your work environment. A modern technology-driven organization demands this change.

You can do more, anytime, anyplace!

“Everything you need to work safely, everywhere and whenever you want”

Veronica van Seventer ICT Coördinator, Public Support

Choosing Office 365 means moving into the “cloud”. A big step which you need to consider carefully. What are the pros and cons? What about the safety of our data? How do we integrate cloud solutions and our internal infrastructure? How can we migrate smoothly from the old to the new situation? How do help our employees to adopt this new way of work?

With many years of experience we know that the implementation of new processes and systems have a huge impact on the organization. With this in mind we have developed a best practice approach resulting in a quick and successful adoption.

  • Furthermore we can help you with all the technical hassle:
  • Migration of Office structures and documents.
  • Migration of Exchange and other e-mail systems like Google or Groupwise.
  • Integration with systems like SAP, Jira and Peoplesoft.
  • Safe access through Single Sign-On for all your services.