How to implement a corporate identity within Office 365 ?

The way an organization communicates tells a lot about the organization. Customers select an organization by the way they communicate with customers. For example see how Coolbue or KLM communicate with their customers. A customer prefers a pleasant, personal, but professional way of communication. Let’s make sure your organizations impression is the right one.

“Employees now know that they are always using the latest version of the templates and everything is completely integrated into Office 365. And our administrators now have a user-friendly admin interface where we can instantly add and edit content globally. This is pretty amazing!”

Kristian Lysgaard Director Corporate Communications PANDORA

With Templafy you easily create professional documents for customer communication. For any letter, contract, proposal or presentation we make sure it meets your high standard. Benefits of Templafy are:

  • All customer communication in your corporate identity. 
  • Document creation with standard templates and building blocks.
  • Anyone, anywhere uses the same email signature.
  • Fully integrated with Office 365 and Azure AD.
  • Control and maintenance from one single portal.
  • Integration with CRM systems, Project Online, SharePoint and other DMS.


All customer communication in your corporate identity

As an organization we send a lot of letters, contracts, proposals and legal documents and you demand error-free documents, which look personal and professional. Besides this you want the creation of documents to be easy and fast. By using templates and building blocks and retrieving data from other systems, your employees save a lot of time and documents are created without any errors or missing attachments.

Seamless integrations saves a lot of time

Using company specific templates, building blocks and using our integration with a CRM system, Templafy offers you the most recent information available within the organization. No longer searching for the contact details, no cut-and-paste and no outdated details. Just one time right documents.

Integration with other systems like Project Online, Microsoft CRM/Dynamics 365, Salesforce, CRM systems, Document Management and case systems all is possible.

The context of the user who’s logged in determines the corporate style, building blocks, logos, available signatures and linked data. Next step is to select a template and to add standard building blocks to create the needed document. 

All templates and building blocks are centrally managed by a Marketing, Communication or Legal department and are easily configured and updated.

Documents are automatically saved at the correct location

Templafy is fully integrated with Office 365 and SharePoint so your employees do not have to work with another tool and saving the document is done automatically. It is that easy! 

It is also possible to store the files in systems like JOIN, Corsa, PerfectView, Verseon and many more.