15 January 2019 - News

Webinar 31 januari: Je huisstijl borgen en slimmer communiceren binnen Office 365

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11 July 2018 - News

In 2018, more than 281 billion emails per day will be sent. Is this marketing power ?!

For years, marketing experts have been predicting the end of email. It hasn’t happened yet, and it seems unlikely it ever will. In fact, looking at the statistics, the opposite is occurring.

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5 March 2018 - News

Valo: Out of the Box intranet

Sharepoint as an intranet? SharePoint may be well used for document management, but all other features are used to a very limited extent. It seems a bridge is too far to use this environment as the basis for your intranet. The good news is there is more than meets the eye!

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28 February 2018 - News

Migrating Exchange to Office 365

Office 365 is 'the place to be'. Office 365 is the foundation for the modern workplace. But the road to Office 365 is not always that clear. How about migrating from your mail system to Exchange Online. How do you tackle that, while the organization requires not to be bothered by this migration?

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21 February 2018 - News

Peter van den Borne joins team JSR as PPM consultant

Peter van den Borne has started as a project and portfolio management consultant with JSR on February 19. Peter previously worked as a PPM consultant at Capgemini. We are very happy Peter joined Team JSR, adding another highly experienced Project (Online) specialist and project and portfolio management expert to our team.

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23 January 2018 - News

Document anarchy solved!

The way an organization communicates tells a lot about the organization. Customers select an organization by the way they communicate with customers. Let’s make sure your organizations impression is the right one.

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22 November 2017 - News

VMI Group: More control on R&D projects using Project Online

VMI-Group consists of specialized business units for tires, rubber, cans and care products, each with an excellent reputation in their market. The 1,200 employees worldwide are continuously lifting their industries to a higher level.

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20 October 2017 - News

Public Support: from Google to Office 365

Public Support is the only national deployment agency that specializes in secretarial support for Dutch government organizations. Recently, they moved from Google to Office 365.

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20 September 2017 - News

LION Group selects Project Online and JSR for PPM

'We have chosen Project Online as our PPM tool to manage the growing complexity and size of our training facilities for our clients worldwide. In JSR we have found a reliable partner who can assist us in further professionalizing our global project organization and implementing Office 365 and Project Online.

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18 September 2017 - News

Workshop Benefit Management

On the 3rd of November we organize a one-day workshop which gives you the ‘tools’ to set-up benefit management within your organization and by that improve project success.

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