Migrating Exchange to Office 365

28 February 2018 - News

Office 365 is 'the place to be'. Office 365 is the foundation for the modern workplace. But the road to Office 365 is not always that clear. How about migrating from your mail system to Exchange Online. How do you tackle that, while the organization requires not to be bothered by this migration?

Lots of users built up an extensive 'mail archive' over the years and this archive should not be lost. Calendar appointments, contacts, shared mailboxes and public folders must also be preserved and transferred to the new environment.

You can always use standard migration options Microsoft offers. But if you are wishing for a truly trouble-free migration of your mail environment, it is best you contact us!

For a fixed amount we migrate your entire mail system to Office 365, including everyone's personal settings of Outlook, such as profiles, PST files and e-mail signatures, which all are automatically transferred.

Your organization will not miss a day, an hour, or even a minute of email communications. No pain- and stressful conversion, but once you are satisfied with the result, the switch moves swiftly to Exchange Online: a firm foundation for your modern workplace in Office 365.

Are you considering a migration to Office 365 and are you worrying about migrating your old Exchange environment? Contact us and we will help you with a trouble-free migration!