The marketing power of e-mail

11 July 2018 - News

For years, marketing experts have been predicting the end of email.  It hasn’t happened yet, and it seems unlikely it ever will. In fact, looking at the statistics, the opposite is occurring.

Still, email has changed. Long gone are the days when it had the world of directed, online communication all to itself. Now it shares the stage with chat, instant messaging, search marketing, social media and more. Because of that, email’s role in the marketing mix has been redefined.

For marketers and branders, it’s critical to adapt to these new realities. That means taking advantage of capabilities—for automation, segmentation, mobile responsiveness and dynamic personalization—that enable email to do what it does best: deliver high-value, targeted messages that consumers see not as intrusions but as welcomed opportunities for engagement. 

Let’s take a look at a few stats on email usage per day:

  • 2016: over 2.6 billion email users sending over 215 billion emails/day.
  • 2017: over 3.7 billion email users sending over 269 billion emails/day.
  • 2018: over 3.8 billion email users will be sending more than 281 billion emails/day.

Source: Radicati Group, the premier analyst in the messaging area

As you can see, growth has leveled off somewhat. But the bigger story is 3.8 billion email users represent a larger group than users of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined. Email may lack some of the cachet of other channels but look at almost any stats on email marketing and you will see that it delivers.

  • Average click-through rates of emails are around 3% (of total recipients), whereas the average click-through rate from a tweet is around 0.5%.
  • Email marketing produces 174% more conversions than social media.
  • For every Euro spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is €44. 

Source: Campaign Monitor (e-mailmarketingservices) 

It comes as no surprise that more than half of b2b marketers say email is their most effective lead generation tool.

JSR is a specialist in the generation of documents and e-mails, in which the correct usage of the corporate identity is guaranteed. How nice would it be if you can use the same toolset for e-mail marketing campaigns?

Imagine you are planning the launch of a new service across a range of geographic regions. You have teams of consultants and sales reps in each region and you want them to personally reach out to their customers and prospects. You want a consistent overall brand message, but one that’s tailored to the needs of each region. For example, within each region, there will be different pricing, different promotions and legal disclaimers. In the end there might be scores of variations on the same basic email.

With the centralized administration platform of your corporate identity management system, you can filter access to relevant content such as the promotional text, the compliance text, logos, the email signature etc. —and Templafy will ensure that the correct elements are available to the relevant employees to use in all the right places. When a specific region, business unit, group or individual opens their email, the relevant text elements are available and up-to-date email signatures and campaigns automatically inserted. There’s no guesswork or need to search for the correct campaign to attach.

Email signatures are an overlooked brand touchpoint. We help you to simplify the process for creating and managing email signatures that include marketing messages. Get the right message for each individual or group and make sure they are automatically included on the correct signatures. Change the messages whenever necessary. Create different signature elements for the top and bottom of the email. Stop and start the use of specific signatures as needed. Manage it all online from one central location.

As today’s email marketing stats clearly show, email has never been more powerful. Email is the ideal medium for reaching consumers with timely, relevant information that’s addressed to their needs. But to do that effectively today—to achieve the dynamic personalization and customization that sets your emails apart—you need the right tools. 

Get in touch to hear how we can help your organization with this.