How do we migrate to a new Office environment ?

Your organization still uses an older version of Microsoft Office and wants to migrate to Office 365. How to deal with this?

Do you know how the software is used? Are there any interfaces with other systems? Are templates in use, possibly based on old programming techniques? Will you take this opportunity to optimize underlying processes? To support you in making the right decisions JSR has developed a staged and project-based approach for your migration.


The first step is understanding the possible impact on the organization.

“The migration went smoothly without a heavy burden on our organization”

We will analyze your templates, calculation sheets, presentations, interfaces with other systems, but also take a look at the maturity level of the organization. In case of a Office 365 migration we will analyze your e-mail environment and we will design a new document library structure.

Using the proper tools we will analyse your current environment and based on our findings we deliver a migration report. Using the right support and tools we will propose a smooth migration path. All your attention can be focused on adoption of new functionalities and possibilities.

A migration is a project. With a set of key users we will setup the project plan in which we draw a clear picture of the impact on the organization; size of the migration (hours and numbers), priorities, training needs, planning and last but not least a cost estimate.

Preparation and execution

Based on the project plan and the expected impact you define the measure of support you want JSR to deliver, like:

  • Technical configuration of Office (365).
  • Redesign of the applications and possible templates.
  • Interfacing external systems.
  • Move files and documents to the new environment.
  • Migration of mail and agendas (Exchange, Google, GroupWise e.o.)

Hands-on support

A successful and smooth migration is essential for adoption of the new environment. But adoption requires more. We can provide “Old vs New” presentations and workshops to all users on the level they need to work pleasantly with the new systems.

Of course we are there during the actual migration, we support the helpdesk and give support at your location so users can quickly work like they did before. We can help users discover new functionalities and possibilities which Office 365 has to offer to collaborate better and be more productive!