16-12-2021 10:30 - 11:30 Online evenement
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When teams work the way they want, enterprises get the results they need

In today’s world we need a different way of working together; a hybrid approach, where we need to be more flexible as to where we work. The challenge here lies in how we achieve results together, as a team, and how to keep an overview of what needs to be done. A challenge for the entire (project) organization! 

Microsoft has fully committed to Project for the Web, the next generation of Microsoft Project. During this session, Leire Erdozain (Microsoft) and our Ruud Peltzer will walk  you through the possibilities and developments of Project for the Web, the modern solution for project-driven organizations. They will show you what’s possible now and give you an insight on what’s coming next. 

Customer Case: Itho Daalderop

Ronald Jense

Ronald Jense

Corporate Information Manager
Itho Daalderop

Ronald Jense, Corporate Information Manager at Itho Daalderop, will tell all about their journey with Microsoft Project and how Itho Daalderop went from selling products into selling services to contribute to our common goals to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

A shift was needed to become a project-oriented organization and to support the complexity in supporting multidisciplinary teams working all over the place. A modern hybrid workplace was what they needed. 

Participate in this webinar and see how Microsoft Project fits within the Microsoft 365 productivity suite. Are you one of the many organizations for which Microsoft Teams is the main application where work gets done? Then you will love how we showcase Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Project and how they are better together.  

Leire Erdozain

Leire Erdozain

Modern Workplace specialist

Ruud Peltzer

Manager Sales & Marketing

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